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Market Bloat
Useless stuff for sale!

I am primarily concerned with 'linked' secure tech and 'destroyed' items. These items serve very little purpose and should just be purged from the item listings/never added to them when hawked in the market. The action description when browsing already states that you're sifting through useless junk and other crap, so these types of items shouldn't even pop up.

This would save some small amount of server space, and get rid of the annoyance of having the same broken item pop up again and again when you're searching for something.

This sort of stuff may be junk for most, but maybe they can be used to build stuff? That might be why they're still around. It must be annoying to look through, though.
With a high enough trading you should be able to see all available items as if looking at store shelves without having to browse.

Characters with a very high security and the right tools should be able to reset security equipment which would take care of the linked security bloat.

That was actually in the plans for an update to secure tech and security gear discussed at a previous townhall (I think June/July 2018 but I may be wrong). It'd be a massive help and I hope that's still in the works.

Also I'm on board with store shelves via browsing idea if high enough. I think it's a bit unlikely that someone would be browsing through spotted frogs and not know if there's ten spotted frogs or if they're looking at the same spotted frog over and over.