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Max Income Crate Counter Reset

This seems like a bug to me, but I wanted to check here before I @bug it

If you hit the weekly max earning limit before delivering all of the available crates, the counter does not reset.

What then happens is that on Friday, the new week, you are immediately limited to the remainder of crates.

This is one of these real edge cases that only happens if you hit the earning limit on Thursday.

For example, if you hit the limit after your 4th crate, when you come back the next day (on Friday), you can only deliver 1 crate.

This seems like a pretty easy fix from a coding perspective. Append it to whatever function informs the NPCs that any given player has hit the weekly max.

Pseudo-Code: If WeeklyMax=True Then "Sorry chummer, I need to save work for everyone else. Come back next week." AND CrateCounter=0

Crates and weekly earnings are tracked separately. Or were, last I checked. I suspect if you check in with said crate NPC later, you will find that you can, in fact, run crates later in the day.

I just double checked and what you said is incorrect. I checked in with the crate NPC again and am still denied.

I can't go into how I checked and confirmed without revealing IC info.

I'm all for discussion about this, but I think we really need staff to chime in here and tell us if this is a feature or a bug.

My prediction is that staff will react the same way they've repeatedly reacted to people asking for the counter to count 24 hours from the first run instead of the last run.

If they've got no plan to allow people to do the runs at the exact same time every day, because of the fact that the time it takes to reach the counter is not part of the cool-off time until you can run again, then, I have a hard time imagining that they'd be willing to let you start running any less than 24 hours after you reach a different limit.

"Working as designed", I'm sure.


I agree with you. I think this is going to get declared "working as designed".

The one thing that I want to put out there is that a 'weekly reset' is no more illogical than "everyone" in the dome suddenly deciding at the exact same moment that you don't get any more chyen for the week.

We all kind of ignore the absurdity of it because we understand it is a legitimate game balance mechanic.

I see the crate reset as an ask to fix an outlier case of the game balance mechanic.

It already sucks enough to have to skip a day to 'reset' the delivery times in instances where you want to deliver crates in the 'morning' , but you get busy / have to work / whatever and then end up getting crates in the afternoon or evening.

It is a system that already heavily disadvantages those who can't log on whenever they feel like it.