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Missing a way to hide commandHints
Another client-option or general option?

Is it possible to implement a new client-option/general option to hide all command hints, e.g. If I mistype and type 'c' that I don't see a complete wall of text and instead only "I don't understand that"?

commandSuggestions is not the correct option, it only hides the suggestions while typing, which I still want to see.

Yes please
+1 this is murder on mobile.
+1 yarp!
This has always existed

Log in

Click option

Toggle command hints off

Return back

Connect to game.

Uses local session so you'll need to do it in each device you connect from.

Well damn.

Thanks Slither.

Thanks Slither.

I still can't get it to work.

Disabling "Use Command Hints" is the same as "commandSuggestions False"

Disabling "Search Command Help" doesn't help either

Same. It doesn't work for me. I have command hints and search command help turned off and I still get spammed when I type r instead of e or w.
So, is search command help bugged? It seems like it would be the option for exactly that
You need to make sure you are logged into the webclient, and not connecting manually for it to work... but it definitely does work because It's disabled for me. If you still can't get it to work, post here with the exact steps you are doing so I can try to follow along.
go to

On the Play as... Character name screen I click on Options

In the Client Options Menu I tick Search Command Help "to No" (it has been on no since I posted this issue)

Back to connect button

choose Character and enter Password

click connect

enter "c" to check, command help still there.

The client uses the options (tried it with use command hints, which works as it should)

On webclient, chrome

When you say the client uses the options do you mean that you are able to disable them from within the moo with @client-options?

Try: @client-options cs false or @client-options cs true

I'm able to disable the small command preview with the command "@client-options cs false" and "Use Command Hints".

But I'm asking about the command hint-search, which happen when I mistype something

for example: "c"

I don't understand that. [try 'examine me', 'examine here' or 'examine ' for more help]

Searching Command Hints ...

search search the current room for hidden exits, objects and people

search for tracks search the current room for tracks Must be a room that supports tracks.

watch begin paying attention to target player's speech

..... And many more - I want to remove those. Removing the small box while typing works fine.

> r

I don't understand that. [try 'examine me', 'examine here' or 'examine ' for more help]

Searching Command Hints ...

get from get an object from another object

get from get amount of chyen from container Requires container that holds chyen.

search search the current room for hidden exits, objects and people

search for tracks search the current room for tracks Must be a room that supports tracks.

whisper "" to whisper a quietly to is in the same location

inventory displays your current inventory and encumbrance

throw to throws the object through the exit Must be holding the object.

throw to throws the object at the target object/person Must be holding the object.

@naked is set the description of the specified body part

address speak specifically to target person

addressing shows who in the room you are speaking to

ignore stop watching/addressing target person

put in put chyen inside a container Requires container that holds chyen

memory displays your memorized information

memorize attempt to memorize specified information

aim at take aim at adjacent room with ranged weapon Requires a ranged weapon.

aim at edge aim at the room off the specified edge Requires a ranged weapon.

catch catch a must be in same location

@look_place me is set how you look in a room

@rules lists the rules of Sindome Required reading for new players.

@sleep_place me is set how you look while asleep in a room

disarm attempt to knock item out of target person's hands Target must be holding item.

escort Move in front of escorted person. Requires target to @trust you to escort.

freehands puts away all held items

shortchange to attempt to fool someone into thinking you've paid

information displays list of helpful commands/help topics

@shortdesc displays your current shortdesc term

@shortdesc change lists options to change your shortdesc term

pickpocket attempt to steal chyen from target person

steal from attempt to steal target item from target person

plant on attempt to plant target item on target person Must be holding item.

dropm drop an amount of chyen on the floor Requires chyen, not in container.

/erect activates the laser sight Requires Studdly cyberware.

mutter mutter something under your breath

load with loads target weapon with specified ammunition Requires correct ammo to load.

unload unloads target ranged weapon

frisk attempt to pat down target to see inventory

afk OOCly Note that is AFK.

akg OOCly wonder when will return from AFK.

enter enters the front of a vehicle