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MOOSex & You
Better MOOSex & Gardening

Dr. Cerberus or how I stopped MOOSexing and learned to love the bomb.


This is a public service announcement/reminder that sex is a topic in Cyberpunk Sindome is very much in theme, it's fashionable, it's loose, it's free, it's 2104 (almost). That being said, it's not necessary as a gameplay mechanic for people's roleplay. I don't MOOSex anymore, I fade to black (FTB) any and all sexual intercourse scenes with my actual characters and NPCs never get involved in them unless it's plot related, a singular instance, and it will also be a FTB.

Now, there's plenty of ways sex comes up in RP naturally because of how it's ingrained into our theme. We have drugs, we have alcohol, we have all sorts of ways that sex can naturally and dynamically or even accidentally get kinda weird and uncomfortable.

Remember, not everyone in the internet or especially Sindome may be as Sinatra as Cerberus and Fengshui, so I mean, you should expect some awkward. It's always best to set your boundaries on OOC chat without feeling like you're messing up RP. If you do not do this, you're hurting everyone involved, if you had a change of heart later on.

So, I am asking that if you cannot handle sexual RP in a mature way the falls in inline with both the spirit of our theme AND the @rules 2.c and 2.d, then please take some advice from Dr. Cerberus, and don't try to have text sex with things. Just ask for a FTB from your partner at any given moment, agree on how it 'was'. "ooc I'd like to FTB - Enjoyed our selves or disappointed?" Bam, no one is ever disappointed with my FTBs, i'm a FTB playboy.

Anyway, I think this is an easy to understand topic so I am not going to press it any further. Just copy pastaing the rules in here.

2.C. Sexual Harassment

Sindome is an adult game, with adult content. As such some amount of sex

will, in all likelihood, enter into your characters life at some point,

however, if someone OOCly asks you to stop directing sexual comments,

requests, actions, etc, at their character, you need to stop.

If you are uncomfortable with sexual roleplay that is being directed at your

character, you may use the local OOC command to request that the person

cease. If you make this request and it continues to happen, please use

xhelp to alert the admin staff, and we will help resolve the situation.

If someone requests you cease sexual roleplay with them under ANY circumstances,

you are to cease it, without question. Failure to do so will result in punitive

action with possible loss of your account.

Do not use accusations of sexual misconduct to slander another character in

game, as it becomes an unavoidable in character topic for those who do not

wish to engage in roleplay of that nature.

Additionally, sexual conduct in an OOC room, or OOC channels does not have to

be tolerated at all. If you feel as though someone is sexually harassing you

on OOC channels, please xhelp and alert an admin of the situation.

DO NOT sexually harass community members out of character. If you do you can

expect to be banned from the game.

2.D. Text Rape & Rape RP

Text rape is defined here as any instance in which something explicitly

sexual is directly forced on a character. Rape RP is any RP that revolves

around an instance of text rape, including the rape itself and any

in-character or out of character discussions about it.

Rape RP is against the rules on Sindome. Discussing instances of Rape RP

that took place on this, or other games, by any IC or OOC communication

method is also against the rules. The only exception is to use xhelp to

report violations of the rule, or get clarification from admin.

This means that you should never engage in rape RP, including both

perpetration and discussion, in any location, over SIC, on the grid, or

on OOC Channels. It does not matter if all directly involved have given

their consent to the RP because its impossible to obtain OOC consent of

everyone (players & admin) who may witness, hear discussion of, or be

affected by the RP itself.

Avoid this kind of RP altogether and any discussion of RP that may have

happened ICly or OOCly in the past.

Combat roleplay following sex roleplay does not constitute a rule break

under this rule as long as the two events are conducted separately. Sexual

roleplay must be done and over with before combat roleplay can commence for

a clean and clear progression of the roleplay.

The discussion of rape as it pertains to the rules, or the real world is not

forbidden on OOC channels but anyone discussing it should be aware that

it is a volatile topic that can easily upset others. Be respectful and

be prepared to stop discussing it if asked by other members of the


(see also: 'help rape' and rule 2.C. above on "Sexual Harassment")

I very specifically meant local OOC chat, as in my example. Not xooc. Do not tell the whole MOO you're not comfortable getting your ear lube chewed on global ooc-chat.
lobe... I am on a roll. I'm going back to idling. Clearly this topic makes me think about lube, I am sorry. This is an example of accidental awkwardness on the topic of sex in Sindome, IC or OOC.

All according to plan...


(Edited by Slither at 8:07 am on 11/26/2021)


(Edited by Slither at 8:07 am on 11/26/2021)