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NPC Economy needs to be addressed
It's getting abused by the wrong people

Hey all,

For the past several months I've been seeing a consistent number of people, across sectors, who are in positions of power, independently wealthy, or have access to massive expense accounts doing the most mundane, low level hustling.

I find it absolutely infuriating that this faucet of chyen can only produce so much money a week, and it's getting slurped up by gluttons, hoarders and people who should know better.

I don't care if it is or is not themely, or true to character, or whatever other reason one might have to be doing it. It really needs to be addressed, and IMHO, stopped. And I mean codedly stopped, because doing this via fiat is going to cause a ruckus OOCly, and people very obviously can't self-police.

My suggestion is cutting people off from very everyday, low-level hustles based on a few criteria:

1) You are loaded. Staff discretion here, but if you have 200k+ sitting in your savings account, you shouldn't be out pushing a single roach to a junky.

2) You have a job that pays you well to begin with. Again, I'm not saying I know the number here, but just spitballing: If you are a senior in your job, if your terminal job pays more than say, 20-25K a week, or you're management then you should be flat-out denied.

3) Fame/Infamy: If you have a job whereby you're at the pinnacle of your career, by all means an apex predator in whatever arena your character specializes in, hard pass on NPC's giving out money.

I also want to say, that for career-based criteria, this should apply equally to mixers as well as corporates. We each have respective cost of life expenses scaled to our environment. Just because you're the 5+ year senior manager at burgerdumpster and making 2K a week doesn't mean that you should get an exception. High-end roles have powers. Find out what they are, and how to use them via roleplaying to make yourselves money.

Last point I'll make here. Let's say you're down on your luck, got robbed, murdered, carjacked and had your assets sold off, but you're still a person of power (job title) or influence (fame/infamy). At this point in the game, you should have contacts and relations to reach out to. Find players to help solve your problems. Stop milking the cash cow designed for low to middling tier characters.

There are multiple layers of income gates on everything that comes from coded payments, I'm extremely dubious that item payouts are happening at anything like a problematic level for any character, anywhere, considering those constraints.
It's my personal opinion this isn't an issue to fix with code.

I think it's a small culture issue.

And I also think it's one that's solved mostly IC.

In our discussion on xooc, I brought up a personal experience but I know there's some of you who disagreed that there's just not ambient population or NPCs who would care about people in high-ranking spots who do this type of stuff. Or that it wouldn't change anything. I adamantly disagree, because I have personal experience of doing this ICly and to a moderate degree.

But it can't just be one act. It's something you should plan out ICly if that's what your character would do. The world will notice in time. PCs will notice. NPCs and the ambient population will notice if staff decide it's needed and is themely.

I'd really encourage you to give it a try if that's what a PC would do before we go for any coded changes.

I've addressed a major part of this feedback in a recent update. Please check the updates thread.