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OOC Chat
There have been some issues lately.

OOC-Chat has been disabled a few times recently because people are being assholes. I've drafted some rules that codify our existing policies around OOC-Chat. They are available in 'help ooc-chat'. Please review them, and understand that if you are being a dick on this channel, it is not going to be tolerated. And being a dick is subjective-- so what you think is joking, may be considered dickish to someone else.

I do not want to police this channel, nor do I want the GMs spending time policing it instead of doing the work they signed up for.

Please be adults, and not treat OOC-Chat as a dumping ground for bullshit-- or you will lose the right to use it, and possibly be banned from the game.

Let me offer from personal experience that while I think there is some benefit to the OOC chat channel (idle chat when your RP is slow, an added layer of community, etc.), I think it's just bad juju for some people, including myself.

If you have even an inkling in your stomach that being on the channel, even occasionally, is getting you too riled up, tainting your experience with the overall community / staff (especially staff), that you feel your sense of humor just doesn't go over well, whatever it is -- just disable it and walk away. I'm not sure the MOO wouldn't just be better off without it, but it'd be nice to try and keep the benefits if we can.

I've avoided it entirely for these exact reasons.
I avoid xooc like the plague for reasons like this. I'm sure some people on there are cool, but I'd rather not even know what people's usernames are, and what kind of personalities they have. If you avoid xooc, I feel like there's less of a chance for OOC beef, and OOC beef is the exact opposite reason I play.

If someone is being a dick to me ICly I know how to solve that for sure! If anyone is having issues with OOC stuff, try just turning it off. It might be great : )

Is it okay for me to ask in this thread: What are the benefits of OOC-chat? What are some positive things that have come from player access to OOC-chat, and what are some possible downsides to the absence of OOC-chat?
To offer but pre-empt one 'benefit' that might come up, I know that ideas/criticisms and their subsequent discussion come up on OOC-chat sometimes, including staff input, and I see it referenced here on the forums not uncommonly, e.g. "This was brought up on OOC-Chat and Slither was saying...", etc.

But I actually see this is as a negative, because I feel those discussions should really only be happening in their proper threads on the Ideas (or Game Problems) forums where they are accessible / searchable / archived for everyone, and not just whoever might have been around at the time on OOC-Chat, especially when staff input is being offered. Not only because obviously not everyone is on the game 24/7, but there are folks that avoid the channel completely. I feel that if people want to have those conversations they should have them in the appropriate place, and it's particularly important to have staff feedback / guidance on ideas and critiques in a central and consistent form so everyone is on as much of the same page as possible.

It seems a reminder needs to be issued. Please do not bully, insult, demean or attack others on OOC-Chat. Save all that for IC. We are all about cooperative competition here. That means we are free to compete and be jackasses IC but that we corporate and are civil with each other OOCly.

If someone on OOC rubs you the wrong way but are not being a dick or breaking our rules, be mature about it and ignore them. If you feel they are being abusive, politely point out how their behavior is affecting you and politely request that they stop. If they continue, come to xhelp.

I took the plunge recently and joined OOC Chat.

I had to leave after 2-3 minutes because of how awful it was.

I took the plunge recently and joined OOC Chat.

I had to leave after 2-3 minutes because of how awful it was.

I can't seem to chat to any of the OOC channels right now. I have a newbie question that is super pertinent because I NEED to go to bed and I'm stuck. is a great link to review.

You have to be listening/joined to them to hear responses. If you still can't connect to the channel use XHELP or write [email protected]