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Partial String search for Vendors

Using the NutriTube vendor as an example,

They have the following items available

NutriTube BBQ Chicken Paste

NutriTube Beef & Country Gravy Paste

NutriTube Atomic Prawn Paste

NutriTube Cosmic Ranch Paste

NutriTube Xtreme Nacho Paste

NutriTube Veggiest Vegan Paste

Bachelor Bizkit

it is not possible to tell them "I want a NutriTube veg" and get the "Veggiest Vegan Paste".

Instead we have to type, "I want a NutriTube Veggiest Vegan Paste"

It would be great if the vendors understood a partial string search. Either a begin() or mid() (or whatever the M* equivalent of those is.)

I haven't shopped with the paste vendor but don't they respond to plain old "vegan"?

Other vendors do respond to a whole-word substring, as long as it's unique among the items on the menu.


They don't. I'm guessing it's because it's a new vendor.

Bartenders and most(?) other vendors seem to do alright with partial matches.

I know that the coders have been doing a lot of clean up and standardization over the last year.

Vendors seem like low hanging fruit for similar attention.

I don't know that it's a new vendor problem; I often run into issues with partial strings and vendors.

Kind of backwards from the first example, but I once requested an item from a vendor by the full name (after a unique partial string was rejected), and instead received a different item that's name was a subset of the one I asked for.

Most of the time though I run into issues like the OP described, partial strings just not being recognized by vendors (even when they are unique), necessitating using full item names.