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Please don't bring OOC assumptions IC
Anyone notice that Gabe sounds like Bob used to?

If you believe that a new character might be played by the same player as some other character, making references about that ICly is bad form.

ICly, statements like these make little sense given the IC population level and turnover rate. Bringing these OOC observations up ICly is meta and can break immersion.

If you think it's someone multi-cheating then just xhelp.

Thank you so much.
Someone did this to me on my brand new character very recently and I was just like.. Well okay, what the fuck do I say about them bringing up my last character to mine in an insulting manner, out of nowhere?

Now I feel like they're just going to treat me like my last character and that bothers me a lot

Please XHELP that Dani.
I can make maybe five living player-to-character associations. I don't know how everyone else does it.

There's a tome of lore in Sindome and plenty of stories to recall. If I've made reference to a character of yours past, it's pure coincidence. Sorry.

My main issue is idk what to even say in the xhelp if they ask what i want done

Like out of the blue, my last char is being referenced and compared to my first icly to their face, and im being treated almost the same. I'll xhelp about it when i get home i suppose

Explain your concerns, in my experience that is the best way to go. I may be that your new character legitly acts like the old one, or maybe some unintentional meta, who knows. Staff, as far as I've seen, is great in helping with those concerns.
I do recall a recent instance of a babytalk accent on pubSIC which was immediately jumped on my a number of players referencing one permed character from a few months ago.
*jumped on BY a number of characters
I've even watched a group of folk belittling another player's past char to their new one to the point they were asking them to stop in ooc and they didnt really listen to them
If someone's making those references you should absolutely XHELP like Marleen wrote.

If you think it's happening to someone else, don't be afraid to xhelp or leave a note explaining the situation and your concerns. I've done something similar.

People have OOC quirks that they don't notice or can't control. It happens to everyone. From annoying personality traits to spelling habits. When it's obvious someone's has played both characters, we should probably not make overt and blatant comparisons. That's just a way to shame people OOCly through IC means.