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Pregnancy in SD
What you're signing up for if you want to RP this.

I am not going to say you cannot RP being pregnant or wanting kids, but I am going to ask you to consider the theme, the world you live in, whether it's corpie or mixer, and the constant threat of violence and terrorism, and then I want you to consider that we cannot codedly support children nor do we want to subject young children NPCs to RP in this game.

So, should you decide you want to become pregnant, you are agreeing that Cerberus will come along and make sure that your unborn child cannot be born, one way or another, and I usually do this in a very themely and violent way to dissuade other people from making this RP choice.

That being said, Other GMs and staff members may not want to go down that path as killing unborn children as a part of their RP may not be something they want to even acknowledge as a 'thing'

Other players may not want to hear about what you went through when something horrible happens to your unborn child, I don't even know why you would want to RP that type of emotional trauma in the first place.

All that said, I am here for you, if you want to suffer emotionally, and go through that RP train wreck waiting to happen, I am ready to terminate any fetuses after a couple months of pregnancy RP.

If this post dissuades you from considering pregnancy as an option in SD, thank you for making me not have to kill another unborn mixer or corpie.

Yours Truly,

Adding for knowledge! What birth control methods could be available in Withmore?

- Condoms, naturally

- The pill, although might be antiquated at this point?

- Implants already exist in 2017. Monas put them in their arms. Aside from slight hormonal shifting (mood swings at the start really), the implant prevents you from having children for about three or four years. This is already a thing, a little chip that keeps you from getting pregnant!

- Margret Atwood's MadAddaam trilogy suggested a biofilm clothing compound that is both reusable, allows secretion outwards but nothing inwards. If Viriisoma invented that it would probably be incredibly expensive. Worn by women in Atwood's books like one big reversed condom, and acted as a sort of progcloth in its appearance and function.

idk just putting this out there!

Please consider condoms and pills and shots as so readily and freely available ICly that it's never even mentioned.
I don't see why this is such a bad thing. I mean if you have no moral objections to killing babies as a way to "dissuade other people from making this choice" than I don't see how having young children NPC's is so aweful. Lest we forget Timmy is all I'm really saying.....
It's mostly because birth requires babies and Timmy was 12, not a baby. I personally am not going to make any GMs puppet a newborn through age 12 with 12 years of education, motor function, and general brain development RP for a PC parent. I think it's safe to say Sindome and the Staff don't need that kind of burden. >.>
I mean, how exactly would you even RP as a baby anyway?

If you truly have the willpower to play a baby for about 6-7 years until you can actually start to put depth and personality into your character, well.. I have nothing to say. I don't think any GM -or- player should have that burden, and I think personally it'd be very boring to do so.

Emoting crying, peeing yourself and staring at the walls for four years is going to tire you out after a while.
Ah sorry I didn't mean to imply that, I just figured that a baby would be treated like a pet game wise. Of course nobody wants to waste their personal time playing your silly baby. I think it should pop out of you and be like a dog, only a baby. Then when someone kidnaps it and ransoms you, or murders it all sorts of fun ensues.
In other MUDs babies are items ;D
We have standards here.

I posit that many dark/action/vengence type situations would arise from said baby kidnap and murder. That's mad CP.
Can't tell if you're trolling anymore.
Make babies just be renamed food items.