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Room occupancy restrictions
How they can be a pain in the ass

I understand the need for occupancy restrictions, but I’ve noticed that two people can essentially theft-proof a cube if they both sleep in it and the rent runs out. The new renter cannot tiptoe inside and rob them blind, drag them out to sleep in there, whatever.

Can there maybe be a way around the room occupancy if people are asleep?

Seems to me like a perfect case for XHELP rather than a change in code.
No, it’s really not. If you’re trying to rent a cube and log out for example, and no staff is logged on or active, you’re essentially screwed.
Yeah, it sounds like it's better to just make sure it doesn't happen rather than just deal with it when it DOES happen. Hence why the code change fix is more plausible than just xhelping every single instance.