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Scavinging tied into paydays?
Why come?

After experimenting I think it’s safe to claim that the scavengers in the mix base their needs from you and their willingness to pay you not only based on how much business you do with them, but also if you picked up your pay from your job(if you have one).

My gripe is why does Scavenger Bill know what I’m making and why’s he gotta poop on my side hustles? I mean it’s two different systems isn’t it? If I am doing just as much if not more wheeling and dealing with PC’s nobody is going to step out of the shadows and point at me and say “Wait until Friday next time!’

I don’t have an issue with a weekly cap on scavenging but it should just be on scavanger system, right?

I think the idea is that as far as automated systems go, everyone is meant to be more or less entitled to the same amount of money per week, barring corporate management and other unusually high-paying roles. Yeah it's kind of silly that the unemployed cratelord makes as much money as the crack shot corpsec agent, but yadda yadda economy balance.
Well sure, but it really doesn’t matter if one is sillier then the other. You could circumvent it by just waiting to pick up your paycheck.
Oh, right. Yeah, that is weird.