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What do you want us to do while we wait?

Hey guys. Returning player here. My fave RPI is dying so I came back to my second love. I made a guy a couple days back, and while waiting for my History to be approved, I realized that there's literally no place for me to meet people and flesh out my dude.

Used to be that the Drome was free, as was that nightclub just south-west of the immigration plaza. So new players could show up, make a guy, sit at a bar, and talk to people, work out their own person, and get RP while we wait.

But now the drome costs 10c to get in, and the Nightclub costs 20c. For refrence, if you haven't made a character in years, After buying immie shirt, pants, shoes, and a second pair of shoes on accident (which cost like 5 c) I was left with 30c. Which is exactly 3 entrances to the drome. To bad no one was there when i went.

I get it staff are busy, it takes time to read our history. But why did you remove our only roleplay chance to meet people while we wait for them to finish? I've been waiting 2 days, and have logged in several times to absolutely nothing to do. You are prolly dropping some new players with this experience.

I know if I didn't personally know how great this game is, I'de probably have moved on by now. Simply because I can't even go sit in a bar and meet people, And I can't move torward my goals because my history isn't approved. Hell, I can't even buy a slice of Pizza.

The entrance fees to all Red bars/clubs was implemented so people couldn't snipe into them from the street, IIRC, several years ago. Which is why the non-leaseable ones have such cheap entry fees. But maybe I'm remembering wrong.

I do remember that being a thing.

Maybe drop it to 1c or 5c then? The History process can take a few days as they often need a few I's dotted and T's crossed. And when you have 30c to your name for an unknown amount of time, you really don't want to use 1/3rd of it to see if anyone is in the Drome.

Or maybe a bouncer that's like "Hey man, we got a party inside, just 10 chy to get in" if there's people in the drome?

But even then, a fresh newbie might not care and be dissuaded from rp anyways.

Just trying to point out a rough spot in the new player experience, and it's fairly rough.

Fair point. I've made it so certain bars (like the Drome) are free to new players. The length that they stay free is determined by the new player immunity that is granted for new characters, where no one can attack/steal from them. That immunity goes away if they attack someone, or steal from someone, and thus the ability to get in for free goes away as well. Otherwise it goes away on its own after a week or so.
I guess it's a moot point now but there's plenty you can do that isn't bar rp with or without a history.