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Seeking consistency

Recently I have seen staff use shouts to announce what they describe as improper use of XHELP. Sometimes these are literal threats.

My concern is that, based on my limited understanding of these shouts and the contents of 'help xhelp' and '@rules 4.E', these staff shouts leave me, and possibly others, confused.

I don't feel that the shouts and the documentation are really aligned. It would be great if staff could provide greater clarity, to the point where staff could simply remind players to review 'help xhelp' and '@rules 4.E' instead of having to threaten them.

Making these things more clear might also reduce his often staff gets xhelps they don't like.

I would love to see more guidelines as well. I do NOT want to be a burden, but sometimes I have been guided to XHELP and sometimes to SRs. Staff does an amazing job in general and obviously I don't know what kinds of requests are coming in, but often I'm not quite sure what to do with something and when I look at SR categories what I'm asking about doesn't really fit very well.

I'm happy to follow whatever rules are in place, just... let me know the rules/guidelines and where to look.

Also, sorry if I'm part of the problem.

I'll echo these sentiments, and also add that relying on shouts to communicate information and/or instructions to the playerbase at large is ineffective, as shouts will of course only be seen by the players who happen to be online at that time. Anytime that shouts are used to convey such information, they should be backed up by a means of communication that can be seen and referred to by all players, such as a post here on the BGBB or perhaps an announcement on login if appropriate.

Leaving it to only shouts makes it all the more likely that players who did not get the message will continue to act against GM intentions and cause further frustration for both GMs and players. Better documentation and communication can only improve GM consistency and player compliance.

What was the content of the confusing/inconsistent-with-documentation @shouts?
We have voted as staff and have decided as a team to stop enforcing the rule about not xhelping for bug clarifications. The documentation has been updated.