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@sit_place messaging
JoeBaka is sitting here,

I was thinking how much I like the @lp, tp, sp. how it helps add to the style over substance part of the theme of the game and how much I'd like it if there was a specifically added @sitp message system. To me, it would look like 'JoeBake is sitting here, at the bar staring aggressively at anyone who looks his way.' or 'JaneBaka is sitting here, in an intense state of meditation' or ' is sitting here, working away.' or whatever. I think it would go a long way to add to individual's style.

I don't know if there's a strong reason why there isn't something like this, or why our messages clear when we sit, but -there is- a sleep place message. And like the sleep place messages it would clearly state 'Whoever is sitting here, .'

I know that we can @lp, tp this detail, but sometimes I forget that it goes when I sit. Plus we'd still get the relaxation benefits plus whatever other benefits there are from sitting especially in places like the cubes I've seen (HabX in particular) where there isn't a coded bed to sit on. It would be the most temporary of the @lp messages and it could clear every time we stand, or we could keep it to show whenever we sit elsewhere. It's the missing fourth @place message!

I agree that this would be awesome! I imagine a lot of new players still believe that their @tps override the sitting messages. I sure thought that for awhile. Don't know the logistics of it, though.