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(Un)installing Furniture!
Customize your apartment!

I think it'd be really cool and cut back a bit on staff duties if we could pick and choose the furniture in our homes and apartments. Each room could have a limit on how much furniture it can have, and basically code-wise, furniture could anchor down and create seating when 'installed' in a room. Then it could be 'uninstalled' from the room to unanchor it and remove the seating, allowing it to be moved. Different furniture might or might not require a skill, too. There's no skill involved in setting a couch, for example. Furniture could have an @look_place too, to allow for players to specify where it is. And of course, to help save on bloat, furniture wouldn't change descriptions at all. Only seating.

Things I think could be neat to see as Furniture might include:






Maybe even showers?

Maybe in the future, once the issue of custom items bloat has been resolved, we could even have custom furniture!

Custom furniture?

Oh, now I wonder if someone can whittle the foak. ;)

(I do like that idea, the possibility of custom furniture. I guess it would be something we work with the Builder on [via e-mail maybe]?)

I love this idea! I'm a slut for as much customization in games as I can get.

You already can redecorate the flats you rent...

But the furniture idea is a nice one... A fair share of code is needed to support it tho, can't promise it will ever get into the game, but it is a nice idea.


Couldn't the custom furniture operate just like the current furniture, but when you look at it (like the kitchenettes) there's some additional description?

Of course you can't look at some sofas, couches, beds, etc. right now so I'm not sure how that would work but but being able to look at some and then seeing a more flavorful description (and the Bamboo franchises can sell them) would be neat.