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A bit different take on bakcpacks/purses

I understand that generally, containers are a no, and there are good reasons for it. But what I propose is to have the wearable containers - purses, backpacks, cargo pants, to function in a similar fashion as wardrobes do. so while they will sort your inventory menu, the items are still just in your inventory for all nefarious purposes, but if you have them - at least your inventory gets sorted into neat little compartments (like candy, food, weapons, utils etc). I think that would be a sensible compromise between those who want a neat inventory, and those who want to do nefarious things to other people's inventory.
This is a cool idea. If it was really spiffy, it could custom-change the message when you hold things from 'You get out your X' to 'you get your X out of your purse/backpack.'
If it'd make cluttered invs easier to read, that'd be nice for sure. I'm not sure what the stance on increasing encumbrance very slightly based on this would be, but I'd like to hear thoughts in regard to that too.
High end items could potentially lower it, think about the corpie bastards and their fancy nano-chip infused semi-levitating pants of carrying all your crap.