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Add %color to disguise descs, but...

Add the color of the disguise in question, such as 'a green shrouded man', but only add 'green shrouded' as a group of words as an alias, not the color itself, for those times when there's more than one person of the same build wearing a similar disguise (and same shortdesc keyword) in a room.
This would make cameras much more powerful.
I think point of the disguises is not being able to identify two disguised people in the same room. If there are two shrouded short boys it makes sense that you get as much confusion OOCly as you would ICly. Hilarity ensues...
Because cameras don't necessarily give you as much information as your eyes do, unless I'm mistaken. Maybe I'm mistaken. If you're sitting at home watching fifteen camera feeds, it's easier to track the green shrouded tall mano across them all then to track a shrouded tall mano.
Realistically, you wouldn't pay specific attention to any one shrouded person on a camera network, whether or not they had the same color shroud as another person you saw on your network. There's dozens of people moving around in shrouds at all time. I suppose a point can be made that not being able to see a shroud's color without 'look'ing makes it harder to keep track of shroud color, but you would very definitely see the color of the piece of clothing that someone is using to completely disguise their identity. What's more, it's probably the ONLY identifying thing you see, why would it not be immediately obvious, camera or in-person?
I'm not sure, I'm just pointing it out as a side effect of your idea. I tend to think of changes in terms of how they'll effect gameplay.
Well, game-mechanic wise, your shortdesc already technically changes to show the color of any hoodie/poncho/mask you're wearing, just not the 'display' name that you reference with emotes.
I like it, particularly for shrouds where all you would be seeing is a blob of that particular color.