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Add 'secure' command to some things
Simple QoL request

Easy enough. Some objects have lock/secure commands while others only have lock. Inside vehicles, the 'lock' command prioritizes the vehicle itself, rather than any object. Making credchips and locking briefcases impossible to use in this function inside one.

By adding in the 'secure' command to them, it'll outright ignore the vehicle itself, allowing for these objects to have their functionality inside vehicles.

If anyone knows of any objects with similar issues, please include them.

I think certain objects where you have to 'push on ' don't work inside an elevator.

I meant to say objects where you have to 'push x on object' don't work inside elevators.

Sorry for breaking the forums :P

Wow you broke it good, lol.

Yes, those two examples (lock & push) make me sadface.