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Additional disguise "status"

My experience with disguise has been that I either get one of two statuses.

"Your disguise is barely hanging on by a thread."


paraphrasing " your disguise is Rock Solid, make sure to set your disguise name attribute."

My gameplay experience is that even with the first message of the disguise barely hanging on by a thread, I have been able to get in combat without having the disguise slip. I have also had fairly extensive dialog with other characters over the course of many minutes and not had the disguise slip.

Given that, my suggestion is that we add a middle tier status message. Something along the lines of, "Your disguise is decent."

To me, barely hanging on by a thread implies that if I dare to do anything other than simply walk from point A to point B, my disguise is more than likely going to slip. The reality is that I can do much more than that.

There is a middle status already in place. Can't remember what it says, but I've seen it.
There is a middle status already in place. Can't remember what it says, but I've seen it.

That makes sense. I think the only time I saw the advanced result was when I got a critical success.

If there is an intermediate message, maybe we can just expand the skill range for which that message applies.

The mechanics of how disguises work was supposed to be kind of a secret. Posts like this that talk about them in great detail are not super great.
I don't feel like I revealed any information that isn't already contained in this paragraph in 'help disguise'

Disguise is in and of itself a skill, and you should roleplay that skill accordingly. This is enforced with disguising material by making your disguise 'slip' over time. The more you talk, move, and interact with the world while disguised, the larger the chance that your disguise will slip and your character 'name' will be visible in the room again. The IC justification for this is that your character has (unintentionally no doubt) revealed something. It is then in the hands of any other characters who interact with yours, to decide if they recognize you or not.

All I am saying is that the amount of those things that my character can do does not seem to align with the description of the durability of the disguise.

Either I don't know the command to get that output, or I'm not skilled enough in disguise to see that. I think that's what Vera's referring to. This is new information to me.
@Hek your OP sieves mechanics left and right, can we not do that? People should explore on their own what they can and cannot do based on a message. And this is way more important message than the one you get from checking disguise.
Marleen, you're not the person to correct anyone on saying things on the boards. Especially about asking for something to change and giving a misplaced explanation for it.

Can we not do that?

I'm not trying to cause problems here.

Given that someone has commented that they don't even know where to get those messages from, @Vera is probably right.

Let's just delete this whole thread and I'll try to be more discerning in the future.