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Additional hair styles

I think it would be cool if we could have rainbow hair, or ombre hair, or hair that has two colors, e.g. black hair with blue highlights, blonde hair with pink tips, etc.

Also some new hairstyles like a bun, ringlets, buzz cut, chignon, crew cut, permed, crimped, mohawk, pixie cut, undercut, etc :)

I know it's not Barbie Dress Up but I'll throw my +1 on this, because I also play it like it is. Obviously using your describe and nakeds you can accomplish all these things but if it wouldn't be difficult to add in more coded options that'd be neat.
Buns. Yes please. (manbuns too...)

+1 to this idea, if it's not that hard to code in, of course.

Buns would be an amazing addition.
Ah, style over substance right? I use descs too, but it'd be neat to have something like crazy hair showing up in your shortdesc like a neon green mohawk or bright yellow and pink dreadlocks - a bit more unique with the addition of an extra key word or two.
Being able to mix colors would be amazing, too, aye. I know people already do it through nakeds- but once again, if it's not too hard to code and implement, I'd love it to be coded in.
+1 +1 +1 +1
As an aside... hairstyling rp is pretttyyy fun, even while this may/may not be worked on, try it out if you haven't!
I want a cyberscalp that projects holohair, tyvm.
I personally think the current hairstyle system gives enough description that you can elaborate on in your head @naked if you really want to. Doesn't have multi colors, but it could have a 'multicolored' option added to the list of colors?