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Additional Man Powered Things

Just a thought I had -

As we have wheelchairs (which can be pushed and carry people), would it be possible to get something along the lines of a cart. Would help, though not negate, carry heavy things such as junkyard parts, those kinds of things.

Bonus points if we could have carts that could carry a few items, allowing for player run food and goods carts for various reasons.


Vendor cart with a display storage attached would be beautiful.
A moveable chef's island / kitchen thing that can be operated by players as a foodcart would be amazing.
Wouldn't the existence of these things cheapen the purpose of characters from having high strength? I've literally had to hire people for jobs before because nobody could move a piece of furniture, and it lead to a lot of possibilities for more crime, plots, etc.
We have food carts. Maybe they need work?
Would be pretty cool if the vendors could move around, given this new fancy technology. Just was a thought.

Perhaps food cards and rickshaws with the new junkyard/scrapping code?

Sure, it looks like banged up shit held together with spot welds, but it smells like a slice of heaven when it's steaming!

Could be fun for making one and carrying things in general. Scrappers hauling parts from a junkyard. Got a load from the markets? Bring it back with a cart. Got bodies? Bring out your dead.