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Admin Alts - Burn Hot and Fast
An idea for admin alts

Admin alts are a constant source of potential complaining as every player who wants to "win" the game is going to see them as having an unfair advantage. In Sindome, since the GM staff consistently puppets super powerful NPCs to keep the flow of the theme in check, this should be less of an issue since the GMs are sort of constantly playing every char in the game in some respect. I have an idea following in the reasoning behind NPC's Anderson, but something that will allow the staff to still have fun playing the game.

All of the restrictions on admin alts would be lifted, and replaced with one rule: no clones.

This would allow staff to play the game to the fullest extent, and on hardcore mode, and challenge them to make unique, burn twice as hot and half as long characters that ignite RP, conflict, etc. When their char dies, they're permed, and they make a new char in a new area of the game, igniting fires where they see the need.

This is not a complaint about the current system, I think it's working just fine, but thought it might be a cool challenge for staff alt characters. Live hard, die young, and leave a good looking (or ugly) corpse!

anyone can choose to do this and there's no reason to force staff alts to
Staffers are players too and have every right to play developing, fulfilling chars who can clone and live on.

Just my two cents. Respect.

My response to this thread is best summed up by the literal spit-take I did after reading it.
I think it's working just fine

You said it yourself. It's working just fine.

Don't fix what's not broken. Let staff decide as players whether they want to play long-term characters or not. They deserve that amount of free will as much as we do.

Respectfully, I'm a bit incredulous at this suggestion. The admins are players too and they're already doing us all a massive favor by GMing the game for us.

Even putting aside all the other reasons why this would be cruel, unusual and unfair, GMs tend to also be among the best players, which means their alts may well be important/pivotal/interesting characters in the game who drive RP. That's sort of their role, after all. Limiting them to constant immy sprints might lead to a lot of short-lived, colorful characters, but are those really the characters who make the game amazing?

With all due respect. Don't tell me how to play my PCs. :P
Staff puts a lot of time and effort into making the game run. Forcing them to have to blitz to extremes and constantly reshape their play sounds draining as hell when their job as staff already is that. If anything they should be more accommodated to play at their own pace, not less, and it seems like it's working just fine as is.
Sounds like a resounding "no fucking way!"

Fair enough :)

Some good points I hadn't considered, and like I said, working fine as it is so yeah, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

This is sort of the principle to plots, as it is. We create or re-utilize NPCs to kickstart things and they're able to burn bright for just a short while to cause some sparks, put things into motion, keep the momentum going on other things, etc.

Not to mention, characters that "burn hot and fast" tend to avoid the consequences of their actions, since it's hard to take revenge of a permed guy. You'd be surprised how much more players have to deal with AFTER they clone out than before.

I agree with the above. Leave the burning hot and fast for NPC's. Admin Alts tend to burn hot and fastish in one location or group, then move onto another or another aspect of the game, which pushes RP forward in another facet of the game, and then another. Anderson, for example, boosted at least 2 corporations corpsecs RP, did some corporation RP, judge RP, along with others and it got enough people to interact with him that a major part of the player base was touched in one way or another by his decisions and choices. That is why alts don't need nerfing.
I understand where this idea is coming from. I personally enjoy having a long term character. However, there are times I shelve that character and play a new character for a time being.

I've done with this several, some of them have been turned into NPCs, some of the permed.

Ruby (npcized)

Rex Gold (npcized)

Korschelt (permed)

Some VS person who's name I forget (NPCized)

Fack (permed)

I think coming in, setting everything on fire, and running around until someone puts your down is super fun. However, it's not a maintainable way to play. Doing that _all_ the time cheapens the RP and people get tired of it.

Imagine if you had to interact with Juicy Vee every single day? It would get tiresome. Trust me.

-- S