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Affect CorpShare Prices
Public Opinion could be a bitch

What if instead of causing trouble, a performer with a large enough Venue decided to affect CorpShare prices?

What if a Major Star did an album themed on "space travel" (boosting NeoTrans) or "making it big" (NLM)?

What if it works both ways? What if a Mix artist gets the people really pissed off about a certain corporation and they made music about it to affect a CorpShare price negatively (ViriiSoma killing pets for example)?

This game dynamic could be tied to the Start a Riot mechanic cool down. Either / Or. Modify CorpShare / Spawn Some Trouble.

What could possibly go wrong? Musicians luring corporate entourages down to the Mix to debut the latest album. 500,000 chyen bar tabs?!?! Will the corporation sacrifice their PR department to a Mix riot for a quarter over quarter bump in share prices? Can CorpSec keep the performers safe? News at 11. =)

I can't fathom with the resources we have automating this solution with the performance system. But staff can and do (every week) adjust corpshare depending on IC events including performances, it is just a manual process.