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Affects command to display partial score

Score screen is a bit large, and while also very informative it is a bit cumbersome when all you want to see is affects on your character. What would be very hand is a separate command, say "affects" that only displays temporary negative/positive effects on your character. So you would withdrawal from drugs, slow recovery, drunkenness but for example not list your advantages and disadvantages, play tips, etc.

Essentially score lite, just to see how your character is doing. Maybe also minimized stats display, with just the modifier. Something like: S(-), P(=), E(+), etc. No specifics, just quick glance overview.

I dunno, all the info is right there in @stats and if you know where to look, you can get it at a glance. Adding a second command to see that same info seems redundant, but I'm interested in hearing others thoughts on this.
The reason is that even on my desktop screen @stats takes a lot of screen space, 600px to be exact. That is usually enough that I won't see emotes from before and have to scroll up to also make sure I have not missed something while the score was printing.

And what you care most about in the middle of a scene is just the effects, if you are slurring, withdrawing etc, not skill levels and all the other goodies that are in the score.

I don't mind using @stats to check on my current buffs/debuffs/state, but I would like it if there's a notification/message for when your char gets drunk enough to start codedly slurring or have trouble walking instead of spamming @stats every other "drink beer".
Maybe it could be simply appended onto 'ht' ?
Then HT would be quite too cluttered for combat IMO, it's why I am suggesting it as a separate command, akin to how "affects" usually works on muds.
I don't always agree with Slither, but unless more information is going to be added to what is already revealed I don't really see a reason for it IMHO.
I don't see a need for a change either. It's especially something you get used to within time. I do agree with DIani though that a drunk notice would be beautiful.
Personally, I'm against a drunk notice at all. The point is that you aren't really sure how drunk you are. I think we only added it to stats because people kept getting OOCly confused about why their character was walking into walls. You should just do ya thing and let the game do it's thing and where they meet in the middle will be fun and hilarious :)
Ahh...I mean I get the fact that maybe you not thinking you're drunk when you're drunk...But sometimes, I think players don't realize how much they drank and they don't RP like it so I thought a reminder would be nice :d

But I get your perspective of it also.

I'd agree but I think it's a bit jarring in poses to see people acting completely sober when their characters are slurring up a storm. A lot of times their players don't even know their characters are drunk so it's a weird situation.

If you give players a notice that their character is starting to slur, not about how drunk they are, we could see people maybe incorporate that into their poses more. So someone isn't sitting ramrod straight anymore, but rather they recognise, as an example, their character might be leaning a bit to the side in their slowly growing drunken stupor.

I mean, no, those characters probably don't recognise their drunk, like how in real life we don't necessarily realise how drunk we are.. but it'd make it a little clearer for us as players that our characters should be acting drunk even if they don't know they are, perhaps.

Kinda part of why I wanted the affects, so can check on it more often without having my screen covered with non-rp lines. I like the confusion to be on IC, not OOC level, about the state of my character, otherwise, I can't really RP it accordingly.
@stats takes up 2.5 screens on mobile.

I would love a @quickstats or @qs that only shows things that change frequently for most players:

*--- Alias [Full Name] ---*

Clone update date


Affects like food, energy, inebriation, drugs, sex, automated payments remaining, etc.


I don't need the detail of vitals, personality, stats, skills, play tips, advantages / disadvantages, character's time in dome (why isn't this next to the date first connected?), date first connected, $reaper message, etc. -- none of these are things I would ever check more frequently than once in any given day.