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Ambient Ads
And Making them Maybe Not Everywhere

Not sure what medium NLM uses for the ambient ads that we can now @ignore for an hour, but I'm thinking, "Aren't there places in the city where they wouldn't be AT ALL?"

Can't go into details, but imagine the kind of places the city doesn't touch anymore. Those out of the way locations where few, if any people go ever. Maybe they never have sicnal. Maybe the locals have stripped that ad tech down over the years. Maybe neglect has broken it down.

I love @ignore, but sometimes I'm in an area where I feel it doesn't make sense to have NLM influence at all. And it feels just a tiny bit immersion breaking.


Or! On the idea of broken tech, the ads warble and flicker
Totally agree with this and not just because the ads drive me insane. There are some rundown nooks and crannies where they don't make much sense to be broadcasting from, among other places.
You may want to @typo said locations. The @tv message can be disabled or otherwise changed. If you want to truly avoid ads, you gotta leave the dome.
It has been a while since I have really paid attention to ads.

My recollection was that their source was pretty well described and relevant to the location. For example, televisions / screens on interior locations. Ad blimps outside.

I like not being able to escape ads while in Withmore. It is a nice touch. The corporations can't feed, cloth and house everyone. But they manage to keep enough resources allocated to feeding them advertisements.