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Ambient noise interfering with a call
Come again?

I suggest that if you are on the phone (or on a radio) in a loud and crowded place that there is a chance that some words are drowned out by the ambient noise. Going both for what you say into the phone and what you hear.

A minor chance. It shouldn't become impossible to have a phone call there. You'd just have to repeat yourself sometimes, or ask the one on the other end to repeat themselves.

There are places it's impossible to have phone calls in reality.

For reasons much smaller than, it's a mega-slum. Even topside has places it would likely be impossible to talk.

I don't think making it impossible to talk in busy places should be out of the question.

Nice idea, however, a bit of input:

Nicer phones have much better noise canceling tech. Same with nicer wireless headsets. So, I would say that this should be non-existent on an 11, rarer on a 9, a problem on sevens, and we won't even talk about threes.

I wouldn't say that it should be non-existent on an 11. Maybe reduce it to a level of 'a minor annoyance', while it'd be 'impossible to talk' with a 7 or 3.
I am against this entirely. I want more players out of their fortresses, not more reasons why they should stay in them. While it sounds great for realism, it sounds like a negative for gameplay in my opinion. Just my personal opinion.
I'm with Grey0. This would just be annoying and contribute nothing to gameplay. If we could somehow automagically have custom sounds for each crowded area interrupt phone calls, sure, but that'd be a massive effort for something that'd make little difference.

Some players already roleplay this out and it's fine like that. My suggestion would be much simpler, a new command for progias to let you describe ambient sounds and play them only for the other person on the call, so people around the person on the phone don't see Joebaka saying "*sounds of an AV engine starting*"

I'd instead suggest automatic messages being transmitted through your phone indicative of the location you're at.

Honking cars and bustling foot traffic? Street. Add in gunshots and screams, Red street.

Clinking glasses, loud and incoherent chatter? Bar. Add in shouting and glass shattering, Red bar.

Piercing wind howls? Badlands.

Water drips, splashes and echoes? Sewers.

Many of those already carry over calls. Unless we're speaking strictly ambient sounds, in which case, I would argue that... well, that would be another thread.
Maybe I just have a strong imagination, but emoting close sounds over the phone is so cool and I wish more people would do it.

*car door slam, engine starting* Gotta jet. Talk soon.

*waves of junk rattling around* Now where did I put it...

Fuck. Off. *loud clattering, then silence*

> Throw progia-7 to E