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Animated Tatoos

We have holo clothing and everything is flashy in the future, so why are tatoos not much different than modern day? Considering tech like nanobots, it would be really cool if tattoos could be programmed to move or change color, even if it was just flavor written in the description.
Maybe the ink would have to be some expensive material and require programming skills and some special ink-gun?
Seems to me like people who want to go special above and beyond say a tattoo or a random piece of metal shoved in their body go the biomod route.
Would make sense, seems like something Viriisoma would develop. I would say special ink you need to buy and program that contains nanobots. Could do anything from producing light to moving around the body. Alternatively it could be an implant that turns your skin into a sort of LED screen where the pigment changes like a chameleon based on it's programming.
If tattoo technology has gone so far as to bind it for your clones then I don't see why this would be such a far stretch.