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append to e-note entry?

It would be really cool if you could append to the end of an e-note entry. Could keep a running log of something (think bookie) etc. This is probably a lot easier than being able to actually edit the note in-place.


I think e-notes are a perfect example of something in-character which would benefit from taking advantage of the MOO protocol for local editing.

As a suggestion, e-notes should take advantage of how we currently use the grid and pop up a window on the website like quickterms.

+1 for e-note functionality on grid devices! Everything's in the cloud now in 2013, why would we be going back to physical media in 2097 unless there was a technical thing that happened that made sense for that. *shrugs* ...

But yes, I like this thread. All of it.

e-note is for printing out physical things, which are still more interactive than the grid...less interactive than the matrix which doesn't exist in the dome.

I like that the enote can store data that can be lost/stolen/traded through the memory module. I think we need more of that.

why not use NLM mail to mail yourself journal entries?