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Badlands Camping
Tools for trips

It would be cool if there were items for Badlands Camping.

Such as but not limited to....

Tents- Creates a temporary shelter that is not lockable or immune from anyone coming inside and ganking you while you sleep.

sleeping bags- To sleep in and recover any lost stamina quicker

camelback type hydration system that holds double or triple the amount of water that a canteen can.

Really like this idea. Tents that create temporary rooms that work like jacuzzis, suicide booths, etc would be really neat to have so that you can camp and not sleep out in the open to wake up with 5000 frostbite wounds all over :P
Yes please!
Yes please. I wanted a tent for months now.
I'd love to set up a tent in my own cube. BOOM! Instant second room.
You could play fort!

Badlands nomad gang tho?

Maybe having it up increased your chances of being spotted by raiders and such? I still don't know shit about how the baddies work, so that may not apply but seems like a tend in the middle of the badlands would be a big "come crease me" flag. Maybe a really expensive one could be cammo?
There are different terrains that could offer different affects - like mountains vs plains vs dunes vs forrest.
It could be a come crease me flag, but that it the risks you take while in the badlands. Protip: set up camp off of the beaten path or some place not in the open!