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Ballistic Development
A corporate contribution


I was browsing one of my favorite CP source websites; And I was hit with an idea while looking at the firearms and considering all of the CP firearms in comparison with the mainly Generic brands we have in game (not complaining about it, just an observation)

So, the idea.

I remember years ago, an IC corporation was developed on GOLD by a player character to develop certain pharmaceuticals and such. I thought that was really cool. It was also an unfortunate lesson that you can't have PC's at the top of those chains, just incase life circumstances happen to them.

But wouldn't it be cool if ZMI (I know it's been said they will never have a Withmore based office or something) had a subsidary corporation who ran R&D in Withmore?

Here is the vision; Players with ballistic and firearms skills, hired to research and develop firearms of various kinds, ballistic protection, enhacements, etc.

How you say? Well, I realize it is quite the task. I developed (before I believe Cerb and Jinx fixed them :D) The AKs-47 and Tec-11 firearms. I am not a coder. It was a task that Firestorm graciously held my hand through. But why not put that on the Research teams?

It could go something like this:

Step 1: team files a proposal to research and develop a new firearm (For example: Miltech .44 Magnum) Proposal details out a description of the firearm, what caliber it uses, along with some OOC details (such as attacks, accuracy, etc?) to be submitted to higher ups (GM's).

Step 2: Gm's can approve or deny based on a few things such as balance, the teams skill check to make what they are proposing, theme, etc. If it gets the thumbs up, proceed to step 3. Thumbs down, back to the drawing board.

Step 3: A coded object is made with some RP in ballistic team developing a prototype.

Step 4: Field testing! This is where it branches out to the RP. The team can test fire it at a range, then hire a solo to use it on some dirty trash golems and record the data. IC as well as OOC adjustsments can be made. The Corporate world mixes with the underground.

Step 5: finalized for production, on to the next one.

This idea has in mind that it would take literally a solid month of two (and that's on the fast note) to develop something themely and appropriate, while allowing people to collect a corporate salary based on them contributing a long lasting effect to the game, while allowing the balancing and development to be largely handled by the players with Admin oversight, so they can really focus on other things besides adding more guns (I know, I know. We don't NEED them.) Thoughts?

There has been R&D RP elsewhere and it's been really cool, but what can happen with it is basically that you deal with very limited staff time and resources and if a new product is going to come out, what's going to get released is the product the coders designed based on what's best for the game, not necessarily what you as a player would come up with. This means the R&D RP is mostly just freeform window dressing and the usual hustle to get from point A to point B without having your blueprints stolen or what have you.

Players in positions like this have submitted ideas ICly to get stuff like this done before, but development typically takes a lot longer than RP does, so IMO R&D without other stuff to do in the game world can be a little slow paced compared to all the other insane stuff going on.

Insight from people who do R&D in other corporations is good too. Thanks. I have never played that role, so I am largely ignorant to what goes on in reality versus what sounds good.