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Bloody Mess'ages'??
Art is in your blood.

So, there's all sorts of fun little bloody messes to clean up these days around the dome, and I enjoy it very much. I think it certainly adds to the atmosphere, and it's fun having that aspect shown in a mechanical, interactable way. That mechanic brings to mind a thing I had previously thought about but never posted, and after a brief search, I haven't seen anything else posted, but please point me to it if I'm wrong.

To my knowledge, there is no current way in the game of simply 'smear'ing blood anywhere, onto anything or anyone. There are certainly current ways to have ones clothes become bloody, but if I recall, they all basically require certain lengths to be gone to in order to achieve the look.

My idea is to implement a 'smear' command or something akin to it. Where one could say:

>smear [target] with [source]

The target could be any number of items the character is wearing or holding, or is feasibly within smearing range of the source of blood.

The source would be either a 'bloody mess' as is often found about, or perhaps an open and bleeding wound on the operant character.

Examples would be:

>smear me with bloody mess (could randomly choose a body part or parts on your character to smear with fresh blood stain messages)

>smear gloves with bloody mess (making sure that certain forensic elements are transferred along with the blood messages)

>smear letter with right hand (supposing the right hand is wounded and bleeding)

Perhaps even taking it up a notch and allowing messages similar to graffiti, written in blood.

>smearmessage "Blood for Blood" with corpse (supposing the corpse is bleeding from somewhere that can be gotten to, and probably leaving ones hand bloodied as well. Would apply the message like graffiti to the room description, perhaps as a 'bloody message' which could then be read or cleaned in the same manner as graffiti or other messes.)

And I'll stop rambling about it before I write ten more paragraphs. Also, I know I probably talked about seven different systems and how to integrate them or whatever I don't know, but I've seen some really cool stuff from our coding department, so.. Thoughts..? Additions..? Concerns..?

I really like this idea, as it also adds a mechanic to be able to plant some blood-stained evidence.
It would be interesting to see how creative the player base can get with this.
I wholeheartedly approve of any new mechanic that stains and smears more blood over everything.