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Bo Staff Becomes Staff/Stave
Not Everything Needs To Be Japanese

I expect this to be a point of extreme resistance because of how much legacy is built in and also because of how unapologetically otaku the game aspires to be, but I think generally there is too much of a Japanese cant built into game weapons (this is forgivable with the katana which is a cyberpunk staple).

In this case, I don't think the bo staff really needs to be specifically a bo staff, each of the variant martial arts has indigenous version of stick/staff weapons and I think it would cast a greater roleplaying net and support more variations on theme that stray from the simple defaults, merely at the cost of a slight change in name and description.

Also, in advance: Harem anime is not an academic source.
No resistance from me on this one. One think I like about just calling it a staff is that, in my mind, it leave a lot of room for the player using it to bill it how they like and for those perceiving it some latitude in what they imagine it to be. Even if the name and description were changed to be a little more generic, players who want to could still call it a bo staff ICly.

Honestly, I don't really mind this, but also, it won't change the fact that the bo staff is the only weapon that actually fits any of the given martial arts that you can pick in the martial arts skill (Taijutsu, which is just a Naruto-centric way of saying Karate), with a 'maybe sorta' position with Capoeira.

It'd be neat if tonfa were added, which are also present in a lot of Krav Maga curriculums and have a place in the predecessor to Muay Thai (as well as just naturally working with the punches and elbow strikes of just about any martial art).

And more than just the direct expression of the individual martial arts (which are themselves in some sense just the first of many that never got expanded on and because ossified as the only options) a bo staff is really just one thing, whereas a staff in a generic sense can be a lot of stuff. A corpsec riot control staff (which is actually a thing). A walking stick turned improvised weapon.

Sindome's creative design really suffers from the design of a lot of things being envisioned for a single very specifically imagined archetype, and weapons are probably the worst example of this. I believe a considerable amount of the popularity of katanas is not even related to their strength but just because a ceramic katana was pretty much one of two cyberpunk-y weapons in the game for the longest time.

If the weapons can't be themed to be more cyberpunk I think they could, in some cases, at least be themed to be a little more generic and thus potentially futuristic if you squint.

Well, I think looking at the sticker system again (which I harped on before and made a post about that I think needs expanded) could be used to personalize a more generic thing.

Like have a generic staff, but have something LIKE the sticker system be a simple dress up able to describe and dumb cosmetic only lights, cushions, actual stickers, or whatever the person envisions to feel cyberpunky to them.

Like a tiger print wrap or pink paint job on your cyber-beat-stick, which weapons be more generic in that sense could benefit from. Or allow it to seem more fitting to gaudy and themely.