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he's wearing a wire!

Wires/bugs so you can hear what everyone in the room's saying over a reciever/wjf helmet/progia/whatever...

o0o0o0o0o Niiiiiice!!!!

I like it...

But there should be a range in which you should be able to hear it, otherwise it would be too big-brothery

I thought these already existed in game.

Well, if they don't, i think its a great idea.

Heh. Yes. Definitely!
And they should look like cockroaches. *nods*


This would certainly be a useful item...

I like this idea alot.  In general I like the idea of recordable media.  Be is a wire, a digital voice recorder, or digital video camera.

I guess wires could work just like portable security cameras minus the video.  Instead of names, just append the @voice to everything so it could look like..

Someone to [someone]:  *in a deep japanese male's voice*

Or something like that.

I concur.