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Car Bomb
Not the good kind.

And boom goes the dynamite.

I always found it strange that we have no car bombs implemented. We have remotely trigged bombs that are implanted in your cranium, but things we currently have in the real world , not so much.

The idea is that these things can be quite crude , but are mostly used for assassinations and vendetta's topside. You find where that boss or competitor parks his car and a few days later , you have a barbequed corpie. Its ment as more of an alternative to car theft.

Car bombs should be made with a pretty high level of explosives knowledge. These items should be pretty expensive and shouldn't actually be readily available to evry player and their dog. If you want to use this kind of thing against another person or NPC, you should have to work to find or get this thing. Not that you can stockpile these and suddenly rig every chex taxi with a car bomb.

The components could involve wiring (electronics) , pipe bombs , ... Just a bunch of pipe bombs , put together with a detonator that goes off as soon as the car engine fires. Crude , but effective.

Installing the car bomb could go on security tech or auto tech. Security tech if you follow the reasoning that you would have to bypass the security sytem to hook up the bomb, Auto tech if you are following the reasoning that you are hooking it up to a specific car part. You need know what the wires do on the car before you can do something like that.

The action (Install carbomb in Holden) should take quite a bit of time to install, same method as breaking into a car. This way other players or NPC can actually catch you in the act of planting a bomb. And to stop players from magically installing a car bomb when you park your car for half a second. No installation should be possible when you leave your engine running.

The check in question could be equal or higher than the normal check for that cart part (Security system if security tech , engine if auto tech). You are modifying a part of a car , not just installing and uninstalling, so higher seems like a good plan.

The bomb can easily be detected by evaluating the car. If you are the kind of person that checks and evaluates their car before driving off , kudos on you. It could show up on the engine or security system slot (Ethicol engine with car bomb is installed in the holden's engine).

Same check should be used to uninstall or disarm the car bomb. ( uninstall car bomb from holden )

Failure on any of these checks can and should be able to result into you blowing yourself up. Critical failure should blow you up. You are playing with big fireworks and should know what you are doing. Don't go rubbing your face all over the carbomb , kids.

No garage should be needed , seeing as you are not going to tow a car to a garage to install a bomb. Same as car theft.

Damage wise : Good amount of damage to all parts of the car , tires and bodywork of the car should bear the most damage (also the easiest to uninstall / repair). Player damage : Alot , but doesn't have to be insta lethal. Decent and good stamina should be able to shrug off the damage. Seeing as you won't always be around when your targets car bomb goes off , actuall player kills of the bombs should actually be low. Damage should be based on the quality of car parts on the car. A good bodywork and bulletproof windshield will mean you can easily walk away from the car. Plastic bodywork however, you might wanna crawl.

Should put the immediate area ablaze (the fuel in the car igniting and such.)

Other car bombs could be made further down the line (Emp car bomb for the perfect ambush, ... )

Pros :

Non pure combat way of sending out grudges and vendettas.

'Stealth' way of sending a message to someone. Better than rigging their apartment with nades and tripwires.

Currently , the only way of getting at someone if you know where they park their car is stealing it and joyriding/wrecking/chopping the car. This is annoying for the player, but damaging the ride and the player is sending a message.

Perfect for setting an ambush that doesn't involve EMP nades if you are extremly patient. Doubtfull it will ever be used for this.

Usefull for players to rig their own cars to prevent car theft. Will be hilarious when said paranoid player forgets his own bomb and blows himself up.

More stuff to do for mechanics and bomb experts.

Cons :

Less usefull in red. People will just steal your car there if they have the skills to back it up.

Hard for players to figure out who planted the bomb on the car unless its parked under a camera or you leave a calling card.

More danger for car drivers.

For clarification , i mean the type of car bomb that explodes when the engine is turned on. Seen in many movies and cheesy series.

Not the type of car bomb that involves filling your car with explosives and that you would want to drive into the HOJ and use to attempt to blow up your car and the HOJ.

I like the multi-faceted skill approach to this.

Explosives to create a car bomb.

Secure-Tech to break into the car

Auto-Tech to install the car bomb

Although, I honestly think the lethality on this should be pretty high. If you go to the lengths to get one of these installs - it should almost guarantee a kill if your explosives skill is high enough.

I was thinking that as well originally, but decided against it.

But i wasn't sure on proposing killer bombs with a high lethality. Most players won't bother to check their vehicles evry damn time. Just like we don't check it evry time before driving to work.

Furthermore , Its retardedly safe... You arent around when the player in question is blown up , you have plausible deniability and unless the other player parks under camera's all the time and your disguise skill sucks , the person being blown up will have a hard time proving or even finding out it was you. it so "safe" its not even funny.

On the other hand , With this design you are only using the mistakes your target is making. If he isn't a totaly paranoia guy , he won't be checking his car evry time , he won't be parking it in the garages we have after using his car , thus leaving him open to this.

The multiskill aspect makes me wonder if such a thing would be used commonly if implemented. Most mechanics had auto-tech, they might have invested in secure tech , but it would still mean a two man job. Unless said mechanic has taken up bomb building in his spare time.

This of course , not taking in account that people could get softs and chrome to help out.

This is why i proposed a higher damage to the vehicle and a good amount of damage to the car. You should have a chance of killing a player , but nobody is going to enjoy being blown up with no roleplay and no save.

If it insta kills a player , without exception , its going to be very counter roleplay. Checking for explosives on a car are just a command , being blown up will be coded and having a player look for a target that may be anybody with half a brain in secure tech and mechanics could be over very quickly and is forced on the target.