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Cheap chrome chrome
Mixer cyborgs ftw

I recently found out that the only cybernetic arms available IC both cost a lot and look like normal arms. This seems very anti-theme to me. One of the hallmarks of cyberpunk is the obvious cyborg metal that the poor replace the pieces they've lost with. However, in Sindome, it is way cheaper to create a WHOLE NEW BODY than to get a single arm. My suggestion is to introduce cheap, obviously artificial chrome that one could reasonably obtain for under 5000c. Obviously this equipment would not work nearly as well as the fancy 20000 human-like arms, but more people would have access to this feature and it would create all kinds of RP opportunities, as well as boosting the economy. SK could make a FORTUNE off shitty chrome that only works about half the time, and both installers and rippers alike would have plenty of opportunities to make lots of flash.

TL;DR: Make chrome look like chrome, and make it accessible.

Seems good to me.


Steady work repairing shitty mixer chrome for chrome docs. Also gives an entry for immies looking to enter the chrome biz and can't afford the expensive startup costs (repairing chrome that is)

Chrome for mixers! It's CP!


Chrome doc's perhaps too op with this?

PDS for dayz, mass murder all around.

Chrome docs (licensed ones, anyway) definitely have steady work, even when multiple PCs are doing it.

And there are elaborate IC reasonings (speculations, hypotheses, etc) about why clones are so cheap. As far as game power goes, though, clones don't come out enhanced in any way, so, comparing their price to the price of cyberware is not that relevant. A cybernetic arm shouldn't be perceived as remotely the same thing as an organic replacement arm (vat grown, with or without a whole body along with it).

What I'd rather see happen with cybernetic limbs is, for them to confer enhancements which justify the prices. As well as for them to be described.

I was talking about unlicensed ones bean, just to be clear, but yeah, I can see where you're coming from.
Cybernetic limbs are on the list. For now they only convey a replacement for lost limbs. Since we don't have mutilation/limb loss in game yet, there is no need to work on cyber limbs besides what was already done.

In the future there will be different models, updates and finishes for people to choose; for now they only change your description.

As far as prices go, they should be expensive if we don't want you to use it. ;)

I am working on describing the legs, arms and the ear in the coming days, and eventually we will be exploring different classes of weapons, armor and cybernetics so corpies, mixers, and wastelanders don't share the same catalog of gear and have appropriately weighted quality levels and effectiveness.

Yes, I am suggesting that corpies will have access to better gear than mixers and have a tactical advantage because of it, I am also suggesting that I intend to try to make it so the badlands has it's own unique gear and creating an actual demand for things that come from Withmore, just like we will be creating a demand from Withmore Residents for products that come from space exclusively.

Will existing installed ears/arms/legs retain their current "normal human extremity" descriptions or will they auto-change to the new descriptions?
I like this idea, and I like the idea of the cheap ones being sorta faulty. Kinda like this
I think the current cybernetics 'replace' and 'lock' the @naked in question. I am not sure.
I know for a fact they do with the eyes. Don't know about anything else
Given every visible modification I've ever had locked the @naked, I'd say they probably do. Seems to be the trend, at least.
Additional related idea to this thread and since cybernetics is on the docket for the Town Hall : Damaged cybernetics.

Similar to how clothing can become damaged (and requires a tailor), damaged cybernetics should/could require a cyberdoc to repair. Would dovetail nicely into an updated combat scroll/post-combat assessment as well of where damage was received.


I like your idea but not a cyberdoc. You'd need a techie for that.

Like people who use computers, it doesn't mean they can repair them.

So I like your idea, but not for doctors, for techies. Same skill more or less, different application I would think and there'd need to maybe be another skill to help feed that ability. I don't know.

Maybe the doc could do minor tweaks, but for repairs, when we get to that point, I see them not knowing what to do and sending the person to a tech to repair it.

I disagree with the tech route. Cybernetics is a very particular skillset. You stay on the grid and matrix, cowboy. Come to the ripper when you need a new chipset...stay out of Malibu, Lebowski.

Shitty cybernetics would best be implemented with the existing "aging" effect. Wherein, cybernetics become useless unless not properly refrigerated. A talented enough cyberdoc can get that fucked up rusty hand to install on just won't be pretty.