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Coded Writing in a Foreign Language
for those of us that speak multiple

inspired by OOC-Chat last night

It would be nice to have writing in a foreign language be an option if you are fluent in that language. Currently, you can always do it RPly, but then you have to rely on people not meta'ing the contents of the letter. You may appreciate and abide by the *Written in Russian* indicator, but you still know the contents of the message.

If there was a command for perhaps @write 'language' (@write Farsi) where you could write letters, type on e-notes, and spray graffiti in your preferred language

The reader could then ascertain what is in the writing depending on their level of understanding. If they have zero understanding.

then it may give more incentive for people to learn languages imo. It would also add more cultural flavor. May even open up more jobs topside for corporate translators. Who knows?


I know nothing about code but this sounds like a bitch and a half to code. Reminds me to put up my own post though...

Sounds like a lot of effort necessary from the developers, but if possible, this could be really cool.

sorry, meant to delete the "If they have zero understanding" because part of that sentence was redundant. Thanks.


I like and support.