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Colorful descriptions
Describe the rainbow, taste the rainbow!

Short and sweet idea, incorporate the ability to add coded colors into descriptions and tattoos, much in the fashion of how paintings and clothes already work.

That's it.

Descriptions might be a bit odd, but I think it'd be great for tattoos.

Well that was more in your face than I meant it to be..

Er. Anyway. Tattoo color yes please.

I think it'd be cool for clothes and tattoos to be like paintings but, not regular character descriptions or nakeds.

Please Search Before Posting an Idea. We've been around a long time.

How about place holders like %eye in the eye message and %hair in the head message

Since those are body parts which take colors.

Complexion comes in colors, too, but not ones well supported by ANSI colors. White, black and brown are all rendered in %normal text, and I don't even want to get into %red or %yellow options :)

Rezzing this because it isn't that old and i wanted to say yes please, too, for a little color in tattoos. Even if its just a descriptive %color before an %keyword.

I also would love to see black be a deeper shade of the %normal text so it stands out more.

I know all these things are just aesthetic, but when not overdone the little color bursts in a description really draw the eye and would make a tattoo that SHOULD stand out, actually stand out. Maybe?