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Covered in shit and/or blood.
so we can tell you're nasty at a glance

Right now, when someone is walking around after cloning out or having sex or rolling around in the park, you can tell by the affixed desc at the end whenever they walk into a room.

However, after someone's been in a particularly nasty fight or been crawling around in the sewers, it's not so much the case.

This idea is proposing the "small" change of having descriptions include -covered in blood and/or -covered in sewage for those who've been particularly disgusting, in line with smelling satisfied, looking new, smelling of certain desperation.

If I'm noticing someone's hair color and style when they walk into an area, I should notice the blood chunks of grey matter and dingleberries hanging from it too.

I also understand this may have unintended consequences, but I certainly want to hear them.

The bloodied shitstained squat bald man carrying a gun walks into the room.

Yeahhh, I would notice that. At least the smell, if I wasn't looking.

yea the shortdesc adverbs would be cool
Yeah, if nothing else something like a three-tiered, increasing 'blood-spattered' addendum from certain moments in combat would be very cool, for the exact kind of moment/line kroack mentioned.

Is it their blood? The blood of your friends in the room outside?

How can you tell? All blood is the same red.
I like this, and think it should absolutely be a thing for sewers and combat at least.
It would be neat.

Even neater if you could clean it with a rim rag.

x is covered head to toe in human waste.
Maybe if you rumble around somewhere that has a lot of earthy ground, you'd be muddy or dirty instead. Wait, dirty is already a thing.. don't know what I was thinking.
I agree that blood/flesh, dirt/grime, and waste would be very decent and obvious distinguishers.

But also keep in mind what it does to stealthy people.

Would the most recent one replace the old one? Roll in the dirt and grime to cover up the sewer remnants. Hop in the sewer to clean off the dirt, and get shot to wipe away the dirt.

One location / event would have to be able to hide others so that you're not just OOCly suspicious for having x kind of dirt.

Sounds like a great idea.

But also from something someone else said, varying blood layers would be great too.

Splattered, painted, or soaked would be cool besides the one.

Jumping in on this because I had a filth-related idea.

There's something people do in the park (it's widely known IC) to stop certain things from attacking them. It currently involves spamming a command that sometimes results in a movement bug that requires an admin intervention.

Would it possible for there to be a "filthy" command that would make you smell like a local area? Basically it would commit you to whatever kinds of dirt etc. are in the area and give you that smell. It would be fine if it took IC time to perform or something.

There was another thread about "working out" where certain commands like "pushup" would make you sweaty, etc. I thought maybe it could be along similar lines.

This idea could also tie into what people are talking about here. There are some specific situations where being a particular kind of filthy may be useful, especially if you're covering up something else.

+1 for more noticeable shortdescs though. I love the way people react when you have blood ALL OVER your clothes. It would be awesome to see that on shortdescs as well. I know there's balance issues there, but it's a cool idea for sure.

+1 to bloodied at least.
@Eph, I was asking specifically for the code to grant you the smell of whatever area you're in, not for a player to set a custom one.
lol TMI floored. Why is everyone posting so much IC info this week?

But yeah the blood/sewage on someone showing in shortdesc would be amazing. You could also track this and use it as a convenient way to check for who'd been in the sewers recently if you felt like throwing some diseases around.

Bonus points if every once in a while the shittiest bathroom in Withmore backed up and got sewage on whatever nerd was in there.