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Crack with debugger
Sec Tech utility

Let people crack uninstalled security devices with a SHI debugger. This would short out its inputs and outputs, clearing them and making the device usable.
Then what would stop someone with high security from taking down every camera in the Mix, wiping it and re-using it?
Secondly, why a SHI debugger? What about the security analyzer tool, or an electronics toolbelt? I don't favor the idea, I'm just trying to understand the reasoning.
What's stopping someone from uninstalling every camera in the Mix and incinerating them? Or installing a camera in every room in the Mix? And a debugger is, in my opinion, something that you use to poke around in the guts of something. But sure, I would be down with a toolbelt or analyzer having the utility instead.
Well there's a big warning that goes up when you try to install a camera telling you to get GM permission if it's not in a room you own, so that keeps people from installing cameras everywhere.

In terms of not taking down every camera in the Mix, I think small world considerations keep you from doing that. There are cameras 'everywhere' so taking them down for the purpose of destroying them (and robbing whoever owns them of the ability to use them) would be a very small world thing to do. However, if you could re-use that camera, suddenly it's not so small world, because hey, there may be cameras everywhere, but there's a free camera -right there-.