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Customizing objects & equipment
@redecorate for other things

I know this would be quite an undertaking to implement and might end up making more work for already thin-stretched GMs, but I think it would be really neat if players were able to change the descriptions and @messages of in-game objects. I see it working a lot like apartment redecoration - you submit the changes you want made to the object, and a GM approves or denies it (possibly requiring an expenditure in chyen or training in a relevant skill, if the changes are extensive).

A lot of the uses for item customization are simple and obvious, like simple personalization - a Progia with a custom case and cute keychains, or a pistol notched for every Judge you've taken down, or a motorcycle helmet covered in totally rad flames and lightning bolts and whatnot - but I think more outlandish uses of the feature would make for some pretty surprising and inventive cases, like a super-modified LiteTerm turned into a Google Glass-style head mounted display, a mechanic's toolbelt reconfigured into a high tech arm-mounted multi-tool, a glowing glass orb that works as a flashlight, or a whole category of James Bond-esque "things disguised as other things" for especially tricky folks.

I understand that something like this would be a huge undertaking, but I think it'd be a great vehicle to let characters get their hands on unique or personalized gear with a minimum of GM / coder intervention. Signature items of these kinds would also make for great trophies, for the more cut-throat among us - lighting a cheap cig in the Mix with some high level corpie exec's custom engraved, albiet blood-stained lighter might just enhance the flavor a bit.

I can't say I like the idea of a lot of those more outlandish ones. But that's just because of code not matching up with descriptions. Like in the case of the LiteTerm glasses. That would suggest wearable, but it wouldn't be wearable. You'd be walking around holding your glasses all the time.

On the whole, I like the idea of customization being more readily available for some things though. Skins/cases for progias, decals for phones/vehicles/helmets.

I did go a little overboard with some of my examples, but I do think that "turn something into a functionally identical but different thing" would be a pretty common use of the feature.

I think GM's are always going to handle quality control for solid in-game items with coded functionality but if you want to submit stuff. Ask a GM. They'd probably greatly appreciate any assistance or descs you can write.

I figured into my pitch that GMs would have to approve/arbitrate custom object descriptions (since otherwise it would be ripe for abuse) much in the same way that apartment redecoration is moderated - but I know I'd hate to bother the GMs by xhelping just to put a few keychains on my character's phone. Having a system in place that lets one submit customizations and lets a GM simply read it over and then approve/reject it would be ideal if personalizing items was going to start being a widespread practice.

I think that's's definitely a nice to have though. I suggest you just do @messages on the type of object you want to make. Fill it it all and e-mail it to - then prepare for feedback.

Vehicles have the most @Messages ever...