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Cyber Design Improvements
The system is too restrictive.

Some proposed feedback for cybernetics design:

* It should be possible to modify the appearance / description for a piece of customizable cyberware while it's installed on someone. Perhaps using the clinic room? I think this is especially necessary because of typos and because some cyberware cannot be removed.

* Perhaps these refreshes could also change the 'appearance modifier' of the quality of the modification during these tune ups?

* It should be possible to replace coatings. It kind of sucks if you coat something, you cannot recoat it. Totally losing the previous coating is an acceptable loss for the ability to do this. Maybe make it so doing a recoating erases the old color so you can select a new color?

* EMP coating? We have one for skin, having one that protects against EMP would be neat.

EMP coating? Well, there is a piece of cyberware that protects against EMPs...
Right now it only protects that piece of cyberware, it seems.