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Death Emotes

Whether funny, sad, or just generally random, death is one of the most important moments in your character's life(s). No idea how difficult it would be to code, but I know I feel like an absolutely awesome feature would be the ability to give off one final emote as I go down, or even just slip into unconciousness. Maybe describing the gruesome details of my death, or glaring at my killer as my head rolls, or clawing at the locked door to my only escape route. May not be worth the time to create, but certain to add a lot of flavor to what should be an important scene for everyone involved.
The default for this is:

@death me is "You fall to the ground in a heap, your last breath escaping your lips as the world grows dark."

You can set your own!

Type @messages me
Right, right, but I'm talking about something more personal and on the fly. Like, one my character is dead, I can have my body do a single emote in that location.
Life comes at you fast.

Death, even faster.

Macros, potentially auto-triggered ones, would be the other way to go about this.
I would be worried about getting something like this...

Kidding, fine idea. Still, that's what came to mind.

I don't think that would be a good feature in the game tbh. Murder is kinda fast and furious and uh, illegal, and nobody wants to hang around after the deed to wait for your emote.
I kinda' feel like thats a silly argument, but alright. I'm just saying theres a difference between a generic death effect and getting to meet your killer with sufficient shock and anger in those last moments. Not just about you, but also about being a satisfying kill.
BlazingCoconut, I'm fucking dying of laughter, that is gold.

And the @death me is command seems to get the job done already.

Satisfying kills is when you ninja neck snap that baka and make his gear yo gear!

Mix lyffffe