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Decker Chrome
Stuff to help you're friendly neighborhood hacker!

This is a thread for decker-oriented chrome

SK FrakShot:

A piece of chrome that when trigger pulses a multi spectrum band of interference, causing nearby chrome/drones/cameras to glitch and/or malfunction

Right. This was requested to be it's own topic so here we go.

I'd love to see Chrome for Deckers. That there's not seems to fly in the face of every Cyberpunk image I've ever seen. People need to be able to plug into their head! For me, I really love the stuff with Eyes, and how you have options for CyberEyes. So with that, here was my base idea... and one I'm stealing from the prior thread.

Base Unit: SK TermBoost

Slot: Brain

Use: This allows the user to be able to access the grid like they had a liteterm regardless of whether they have one or not. This device contains two slots which can be filled with specific chrome.

Enhancement: ICE Cracker

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: Bonus to Cracking ICE equivalent to a high end terminal.

Enhancement: ICE Boost

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: Bonus to providing ICE equivalent to a high end terminal.

Enhancement: LowKey

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: Skillcheck to allow a recent node modification to not show up in the recent activity list. Alternatively, it could change the username to anonymous. I like the former though.

Enhancement: MIMO Antenna

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: Gives signal regardless if there is SIC in the area or not. Acts as a personal SIC boost to allow decking to happen anywhere, but also the added bonus of SIC coverage.

Enhancement: MindStore

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: Either Additional memory slots, or an E-Note interface that is always accessible.

Enhancement: Overwhelm

Slot: 2x Termboost Enhancements

Use: Can send a surge of code at a person to overwhelm their chrome/electronics rendering it inopperable. Works like a targeted EMP blast.

(Note: not my original idea, but love it.)

Enhancement: Spyware

Slot: Termboost Enhancement

Use: If someone is in the same room using a terminal, you can pick up what user they are logged in as and some generic things that they are doing. Like XXXX is sending Gridmail to YYYY. XXXX is browsing YYYY forum.

I do think a mind interface should be in the game. I love how eyes are done and this would allow deckers to perhaps specialize a little more in certain areas. Additionally it would allow Deckers to use their skills perhaps in a little more broad fashion and give some ability to hide hacks if wanted.

NLM BrainTerm

I'm assuming this isn't already a thing.

Basically works like a normal LiteTerm, but is an implant, allowing Deckers (and non-deckers) to connect to the GRID without having to haul one around. Could also be modded for additional functionality. (Brain hacking, anyone?)

Absolutely not a necessary thing, but it'd also be nice to see a nanogenic compound for 'terms. Think the Maas Biolabs tech in Count Zero, or the Otaku/Technomancers in Shadowrun. Brain and nervous system rearranged to natively connect to the Grid, allowing someone to always be connected- but also having the benefit of not being readable by cybernetics scanners.
We will not be giving you terminals for the grid in your cybers, ever, sorry. Won't go there. :)
I am mostly failing to see what kinds of problems this would bring? I mean if you've decided, there's no real point in arguing, but can you at least explain why this would be a bad thing?
I'm curious as to why that would be a bad thing as well.
obviously decking isnt gonna be viable any time soon but being so resistant to letting deckers integrate with their terminals seems pretty silly, solos can install cyberweapons and other archetypes can install stuff to support their skills. of course the decker stereotype is basement dwelling hacker but surely getting people out of their cubes is good?
It's a core design decision to keep grid jockeys dependent on something external to themselves that is a concrete object with its own state.