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decks of cards
coded ones that is

This would definately be tricky to code, but would definately bring people togther for games, and create some more cashflow/rp by gambling.

you could start by making the 'deck' not auctially 52 seperate cards, but a random card generator, and set it up so the same cards could not be dealt in the same 'hand'...  I dunno I guess coding would probibaly be a bitch.

how was it handeled in the old casino?
also is the casino planning to be reopened any time soon?

maybe an individual gambling machine in a bar, or the super happy arcade on green.

or a gambling table with certan spots you sit at with monitors all ran by a computer,  

who knows, but gambling is something that is definately cp, and definately would enhance the game.

Yeah, Finn made inroads on this a while back before real life took over. That, and some really cool other stuff which, like so many cool things, got dropped on the floor and forgotten about the minute something more important came along.

Once again: Too much to code, and not enough coders.

It's on the list.


Decks of cards have been in game for almost two years and I have yet to see them put to any meaningful use.  A lot of people wanted to see them code!  And.. then didn't use them.

Start a poker game or something.

If there is some reason people aren't using them (lack of help files, lack of it working, etc) please let me know.


Its only, slightly related, but the Casino.  That place needs to be up and running.  Slots, blackjack, Texas Holdem', Craps, Roulette.  That corporate sleeze y'know?  Where a mixer can dress nice and mingle with the drunken, gambling addicted corps...
Make a fixed fifty thousand bet with that mean mixer loan shark on the simulated horse racing, get in deep shit.   Casino sounds fun.

We have enabled 3 of those games, start your own casino in your apartment or cube or shit, on the metro.

Can I get some motherfucking 3 card monty already?