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Different Grades of Chrome
in an ideal world.

This is more of a placeholder, an ideal would love to have if there were endless GM coding resource to throw at things.

Ideally there would be different grades / quality/ visual aspect to each cyber component to really show a difference between have and have nots.

Corpie top execs would have access to better chrome than mixers.. they would be sleeker, more subtle and generally shinnier..

whereas the have not mixers would have access to rougher, re purposed, crappier, rustier chrome.

Even if the actual code affect was the same of say a top of the line cyber eye compared to a cobbled together mixer chrome eye.. would be great to see a visual difference.

Oh a much larger scope issue, would be great to see a bigger range in the cost/ability of each piece of chrome..

New high tech (brand new model)would have a bigger affect but be costly in price and also high maintenance.

low-high tech (last 2-10 years model but still in manufacture) would be more reliable, cheaper and low maintenance but would not be as powerful.

experimental low-high tech (cobbled together parts cyberdoc hacker) would be dirty cheap.. would be variable in effects and sometimes just plain old not work.. "bang ya head to get it working again"...

Confirming to be on the list.

Awesome idea. My only sidebar would be that perhaps it should less based on cost of cyberwar but rather skill/stats of the installer. If the mix can retain an amazing cyberware installer - so be it but it should be against the said doctor's fiscal interested to remain there. A ripper doc job vs a cybernetic surgeon job should be obvious to the plain eye, right?

Maybe the inherent perks of that should be more pleasing/detrimental to the eye...