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Dirty Vehicles
A Great RP Hook

This one might be a bit strange, but here me out. I think there's a lot of potential in this system.

In real life, as you drive a car, or a truck, it's liable to get dirty. Some folks clean a vehicle themselves, others take it through a car wash.

With Withmore being as dirty as it is in some places, it makes sense to me that there would be the need for such places. Locations where you can get your car or bike cleaned, judgement in sectors for having a vehicle with any dust on it. There may even be potential for player run businesses which offer on the spot cleaning services without you having to take your car anywhere.

Beyond simple dirt and such, let's also consider the fact that other messes could get on vehicles. Blood can end up on clothes and such. If this is the case, then it stands to reason that spatter could make its way onto a vehicle.

I think this has a lot of potential. What are your thoughts?

A carwash would be neat. Also, I could see it having like a upcharge service to squeegee off graffiti from your nice paintjob, which to me, you wouldn't want to spray paint solvent all over.
I agree. Plus, it might be a good RP for new immies, maybe use a -small- amount of artistic skill to clean a dirty car at a garage, or random hordes of feral car-washers (keying, anyone?)
I think with the recent cleaning stuff added, this would be really neat. It would also create RP not associated with cleaning, with people trying to find more secure places to park their vehicles so they don't get tagged. Also love the idea of judgements for driving around Gold or Green (or, god forbid, Blue) with a really dirty vehicle.

Also who doesn't want to spraypaint their rival's car with paydata about their biz?

Great idea... just please, not Artistry. There are so many things that you can do with that skill making another just seems like a bad idea.
You could also let people draw with their finger on dusty windows. :D
I have no idea why but I love the finger dusting idea so much hahaha.
Maybe this could be another service for people who dabble in auto tech? I'm not sure how frequently people upgrade or repair their rides, but more reasons to have people bring their vehicle in can only be good! I know I'd want mine to be sparkling clean.

Also love the writing in dust idea so much! Imagine the mischief.

I want more small errands to pay immies for, so this sounds great.
I like the idea of having immies do it. Pay them 500 or so for 5-10 minute job they'd have to do like SHI. Sure, you could do it but, no, that's gross. Car-washing station somewhere can do it too for 2 grand. Making it cost effective to hire out.
I was thinking of making a thread about dirty vehicles but found this one, so bumping it. Dirty vehicles would add so much detail!