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Disposable Plastic Bags
"Those lil plastic baggies you put the drugs in!"

It's very cheap to get and holds up to 10 drugs or something. You can optionally label it to brand your product and it works a bit like newspapers.

Zipchem bag [Purple Clonk]

It can be sold as a single item (based on recent changes I think it should properly calculate the value of things inside). You can open it to get the contents out. To cut down on bloat, maybe when you remove the last one, it asks if you want to throw it away, like empty six-packs.

This would cut down on the amount of spam involved in large drug transactions, especially those that take place in public places like bars. While it's true that there are some items which help with this, they feel a bit more permanent and aren't easily used for selling in stores / for transactions where you'd want something disposable. It would also allow chemists and other drug sources to add a bit more identity to what they are selling.

Oh man, with the disposable bags they could have an auto-timer before self-destructing.

Say, five days or so after they were purchased or taken from a grocery or convenience store.

Fixer told you the bag was new, but here you stand on a crowded street, trying to fight off the gangers scrounging to pickup your drugs that fell out of your torn bag.