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Drunk Walking
Walking, but drunk

When you are so drunk that your walking gets all messed up, you should get a brief message about how you can't see straight and are stumbling around like a baka. The mechanic is funny but it looks like a bug if you don't know what's going on and confuses people more than it immerses them IMO.
Agree w/ this. Legit thought it was a bug every time it happened.
"You are absolutely fucking smashed friend. Are you -sure- thats the way home?"
"No, not the alleyway that bum just took a shit in, chum."

Some more drunk friendly messaging would be nice, yeah.

Yeah, everyone I know of, including myself, who got this drunk for the first time thought it was a bug. Was thinking the same thing.
I'm... kinda ok with people thinking it's a bug? Like, if we tell you 'whoops you're pretty drunk maybe you're walking the wrong way' you are going to know right away that it's an IC mechanic. The fact that you don't right away kinda plays into the fun of it when you finally figure it out. I dunno, that's always been my take on it, having experienced it ICly the first time and having been like WTF i typed fucking EAST why am I in a dumpster.