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Enable Vehicle Destruction
A suggestion on implementation

I believe that if vehicles were treated similarly to PCs, it would solve a lot of problems people have with them. By that I mean, "sleeping" vehicles are untargetable, like "sleeping" PCs. And by sleeping I mean 'turned-off'.

So what would this mean? A vehicle that is running could be targeted and attacked. As long as it was attacked before it was shut off, shutting the vehicle off would not stop the attack.

A vehicle that is shut off could not be attacked in this manner (My initial thought was that only occupied vehicles could be attacked, but the problem with that it would allow people to meta occupancy of vehicles).

What about a reverse of the sleeper rule for vehicles? It can be attacked while operated, someone is in it, or up to 5-10 minutes after it is shut off and .left alone? Beyond that timed mark, it goes to sleep.
Or we let them be attacked at all times, and leave the balancing/policing of the to IC measures that already exist?

If someone has firearms or bombs and wants to take a crack at your car, why shouldn't they? Pay a gang for protection. Park in a garage. Get cool cyberpunk car tech that doesn't exist yet. The sleeper rule already creates problems sometimes, and pads are already very secure, we don't need more hand holding. The recent gold crime change is a great step forward. Trust players to be sensible, and if it doesn't work and people abuse it, then change the rules.