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English motherbaka! Do you speak it?
Writing on letters (and such) in other languages.

In the last MUD I played, if you were fluent in a language, you could enter a tiny bit of code to write your letters in that language. Similarly to Sindome's current speech coding, if you know the language you understand it, if you don't, it looks like garbled nonsense, and if you're a little savvy you get bits of it.

Without having a good sense of how the code works I can't make a suggestion for how to do this, but it would be very cool to pass notes in languages and have another need for people who speak different languages to get paid to translate.

Probably the grid wouldn't work since the IC keyboard would be in English in the Dome, so we get around having to try that. Just pen and pencil style writing.

I was just thinking of this the other day!

"Hey baka, I found that secret letter he got."

"Shit! Read that mutherfuckin' shit."

"Okay, shit! It's in goddamn Spanish. 'Ey anybody speak that? Somebody get a translator!"

Well, about the Grid keyboard being in English.

If I remember correctly, the keyboard also has Japanese characters on it.

You could also rely on the integrity of the player reading the message or grid post in put in an OOC method that it is written in that language; IE *Written in Hebrew* Billy sucks.

Only our coded languages are supported which means currently you can only use English on the grid.

Johnny once told me no to languages on written media. Something sabout code.

That could have changed though.